Heinrich Himmler: The Greatest Betrayal in History - Videos


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Host – Simon Whistler
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  1. I have realised one thing. None of your narrations are based on thorough research, Himmler didn't die at his camp nor did he die due to cyanide. Its amazing how you zoom your muck and smartly state things which have no practical evidence to them.

  2. Himmler would not have to have been in on plot to assassinate Hitler to be able to profit by it. He would have had a good a shot as anyone to become leader. He did control the Waffen SS!

  3. C'mon, guys. He referred to Eisenhower as President Eisenhower. It doesn't matter that he wasn't elected yet. He simply later would be. It really doesn't take away any credibility from the rest of the documentary. It was either a simple mistake or simply a habit of calling someone in the past President whether or not it was pre or post term. I ran into a man who used to be the Sheriff of our county, but later retired. We happened to be eating at the same restaurant. When we left, I said, "Good seeing you, Sheriff. Take it easy." It felt just as natural as could be. He made no strange reaction and accepted it like people probably address him that way all the time. And if I were telling a story about him before he became Sheriff, and was still a highway patrol, I'd have referred to him as Sheriff. Eg. "Yeah, I remember Sheriff would pull me over for no seatbelt everytime I came through town back when he was a highway patrol".

  4. I'm a "Today I found out" subscriber and I just subscribed to this channel as well, I however think 20 minutes is too short for this type of content and think you should at least double it to 40 minutes even if it means halving the publishing rate or doing less videos on the "Today I found out" channel.

    It's not unlikely that I am wrong but I guess more videos mean more money but I personally prefer quality over quantity.

  5. And yet Himmler could not pass the physical tests to be a part of the SS, that he expected all the others to pass. Not to mention that there might have been a Jewish ancestor in his past. And by the way I am glad that sad waste of skin is todt!!!!! That means DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He was never a man, but followed a mad man like a little sheep, what a fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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