Here’s why you won’t crack NEET/JEE - Videos


In order to succeed in NEET/JEE, you also need to know what NOT to do along with What to do. Here, we discuss the top mistakes done by most students as they prepare for the upcoming NEET/JEE exams.

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1. How to crack 600 in NEET :
2. How to crack 300 in JEE Main :
3. How to Stay Away from Distractions :
4. What to do if you are scoring low in Mock Tests :

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1. How to crack NEET :…
2. How to crack JEE Main :…

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  1. You're absolutely correct sir a very important stage of life success will be in our hands not by working hard but by working the work we have today properly thank you sir for making this video thank you very much sir

  2. Sir can u helpe plz…my only doubt is how to attempt the questions?if I know the answer options in dilemma ..if I attend either it can be wrong or right .if it is wrong just one mark lost but if it is correct I'll gain 4 marks so what should I do in such situation …should students attend more questions or not?? Plz help me and guys plz press the thumb for this and if u have solution for it ..plz give me


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