(Hindi) ‘Jallikattu’ Issue: Facts and Analysis {UPSC CSE/IAS, SSC CGL/CHSL, Bank (IBPS/SBI)} - Videos


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A festival or an act of animal cruelty? Jallikattu has hit the headlines repeatedly over the last few months, especially because of a Supreme Court judgement that was impending for long. In this lesson, Vimal Singh Rathore explains the whole issue covering every little aspect of it, in Hindi.

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  1. banning jallikattu is not the sollution ….
    after banning there is a vast decline in bulls population as they are sent to slaughter house because bulls used for farming are replaced by tractor and other machines. the farmers need min 200rs to 300rs to feed and maintain bulls per day ,what he will do ???so he sells his bulls to slaughter house without any option.

  2. yes I agree there was harrassing of bulls in some places before 2008 during jallikattu. but from 2008 before jallikattu the bulls and the bull embracers have to go medical check, district collector should be present, the animal welfare should certify bulls and over all hundreds of cameras are watching it . So what is the problem in performing jallikattu now????
    its foreign mafia
    does any one of you know that all the milk in packets are A1 type due to which we suffer diabetes type 1,
    they can cause cancer, and other diseases, that is what we are drinking.
    the foreign mafia have the patent right for A2 type milk which is already present in out DESHI Cows.
    So the are destroying the bulls almost All parts of India the bulls are decreasing in population.
    Only in TAMIL NADU there are 7 Breeds of bull because we practice jallikattu and due to this ban one breed has gone to extintion.

  3. If some one dies riding bike is bike riding banned???
    While playing football cricket the players have dies Are these sports Banned???
    Then why only Jallikattu
    India is number one in exporting Beef.what is to be done to protect is to restart the bull festivals in states like maharastra karnataka etc.

    All Indians apart from Tamilnadu have not seen it live So I request.. when you have time come to Tamilnadu and watch it Live.
    See the Farmers how much they love Bulls But due to lack of finance the Sell their bulls which is like their own family member.

    We are protesting for the whole India in the Best way we Can to save next generation from Foreign Mafia

  4. nice explaination..
    i have 2 questions…one is how is it possible that just a ban in celebration of one festival or this jallikattu ritual will lead to the decreses in no. oof indian breeds,, i mean no on his stopping anyone to grow these breeds ….
    second is what according to u should be the best possible solution to the current situation??

  5. how can you expect a fair judgement if both the parties belong to same group instead of upright ban supreme court can formulate a COMMISSION studying the impacts on banning and how jallikattu is performed. If PETA supported by ANIMAL WELFARE BOARD really cares for animals why they are targetting only native indigineous bulls as they are asking a ban on kambala in karnataka and rekla race in maharastra why cant they ask a ban on horse racing or even dog shows. also according to the bio diversity act if any sports supporting the very existence of cattles it has to be encouraged. #justice_for_jallikatttu

  6. Sir request make proper playlist subect and topic wise…let's say current events ,history geo.. motivation section…planning section..etc..thnku …this is a revolution in the sector of upsc preparation

  7. hi friends i am staying chennai .bull ke sath sath humans bhi marjaraha hi. khel boletho sab enjoy karna hi 17 to 18 years old guys also died and injured by this game so isi liya supreme court ise mana kiye .ager yehi sach directly bathaye tho bhi oh loag nahi accept karenge .pca act is not main here..the problem is that humans marjarahahi


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