Hindu News Analysis for 25th July 2017 (In Hindi) By Jatin Verma - Videos


Hindu News Analysis – Learn how to read the daily Hindu News Analysis by Jatin Verma. Learn about the current affairs for your IAS preparation.
Current news from around India brought to you by Unacademy. Get insights on the Hindu Newspaper and latest news.

Fresh update on the current affairs for 25th July 2017.
You can watch the full course here:- https://goo.gl/bjs72R

Watch the English version here: https://unacademy.com/course/the-hindu-daily-current-affairs-analysis-june-2017/J9O2XDV9



  1. Why dont you guys make videos in both english and hindi so that aspirants who do not know hindi would also be benefited… I am sure the educators are well versed with English…

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  3. pliz tell anyone shud i stop subscribing to the hindu and only follow the videos of jatin sir?? daily pile up of the paper is giving me headache and panic. pliz help


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