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Hindu News Analysis – Learn how to read the daily Hindu News Analysis by Jatin Verma. Learn about the current affairs for your IAS preparation from the Hindu Newspaper.
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Fresh update on the current affairs for 18th November 2017.
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  1. Moody was summoned by US Senate when it rated toxic instruments as safe as government securities. The institute is corrupt itself. When banks are laden with NPAs worth 10L crore INR. GDP loss is around 2% of combined total which translates into $50 billion.
    Being and educator, you do not account the underlying reality which you know.
    Talking about international investors, they do recognise the risks very well.
    My contention is that agency has been paid by investors of party. It is yet another sham in their world of lies.

  2. Today i was just randomly searching for various things…n in that random search, ur video came in…n I would say this was my best random search ever…as u r providing the needed information in a very decent n understandable manner…n Get well soon..:)..n my question to u is that—u everyday upload these videos or how…??..where can i watch ur everyday's news analysis videos..???

  3. Sir, please make concise videos and try to make things precise and to the point as few things were unnecessarily additional. Like that discussed about fundamental rights as it's already well defined in polity book.


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