Harvard University is the top university of the world. Only 5% of applicants get admitted and you should start working on your application 2 years prior the application deadline.
USA and Canada admissions consultation –

Language school in Boston where you can improve your language skills and get ready for further studies in the USA. Minimum age is 16, you can start any Monday –

Summer camp on a real university campus –

00:20 how to get accepted to the bachelors or masters program in Harvard
06:14 campus tour
08:30 certificate programs (easier to get admitted and cheaper)
10:20 how to get accepted if you are a foreigner (non-US person)

Step-by-step application process:
1. Fill in the application form (on Harvard’s website)
2. Prove that you have high GPA (transcripts)
3. Take the necessary standardized tests (SAT/ACT for bachelors, GMAT/GRE for masters). Our tutor Michael can help you prepare for them – he has taken all of the standardized tests – super talented! –
4. Write a motivation letter (personal statement). It really needs to stand out, not an average – “I really want to study in your university” thing. Get help with your letter from UPenn PhD –
5. Ask your teachers for recommendation letters
6. If you are an international student, you would need to take a language exam (TOEFL). Jonathan can help you prepare –

I have co-founded a company that helps you go on a study abroad trip:

Use Uber instead of taxis (it’s cheaper than you think) – get $20 for your first trip using code r19ur

When I go on short trips I stay with locals (Airbnb) –

See how I scored 117 out of 120 on TOEFL:
part 1: Reading and Listening –
part 2: Speaking and Writing –

How I scored 700 on GMAT:

How I got full financial aid from top US universities:

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My latest video will help you get admitted: “PERSONAL STATEMENT (SOP) – MY 6 CONTENT TIPS”




  1. Hi Marina, how old are you ? and which university do you attend ? because you make a lot of videos about many universities but I don't know which one you attend, I don't know either if you are still studying ! ^^ thanks in advance Marina 😉

  2. Hi Marina ,I have viewed most of the videos , thank you its inspiring .
    And i have question How much does an average american and Russian earn in a month ? (I ask you this question because you been there and you would have a good idea about that. )

    And one more thing how do you shoot this videos , Just hold the camera in front of you and talk to yourself ?

  3. i want to do Master of science in Electrical department in MIT .I am international applicant.tell me , how to get into MIT . I kindly request you to please address me to MIT .I am waiting for your reply. thank you.

  4. Hi, Marina. I want to ask you something which is little different from the content of this video. Is it worth doing online courses? Of course, they are very knowledgeable but do they also affect CV and is it better to write them in CV? Otherwise, I can give my time in doing something which  enhances my knowledge as well as I can write in my CV.

  5. Hi Marina

    Many thanks for the outstanding work that you have provided for us, those who seek to inspire others as much as they can through their hard work, perseverance and high achievements! I will take only few minutes out of your time to present my appreciation for your youtube channel. Your videos get their messages straight to the public on a clean, ethical, friendly and professional way with an enormous impact on the educational sector, making it look fun and attractive.

    Great job once again and keep it up!

  6. I'm in 9th grade now moved to USA 1 years ago i'm worry about like essay, english , FMAT test because my english doesn't good enough,… it makes my GPA down ( everything else i did very good except english tests) . Does it affect to apply to the good universiy?


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