How To Prepare For UPSC Mains – Commerce & Accountancy By [AIR 161 UPSC 2016] Sourav Jain - Videos


UPSC CSE Mains optional Commerce & Accountancy.
Clear UPSC Mains 2017 in first attempt with help from [AIR 161 UPSC 2016] Sourav Jain.
In this session [AIR 161 UPSC 2016] Sourav Jain shares the list of books and resources to use for Commerce & Accountancy Optional in UPSC Mains 2017. Sourav cleared UPSC CSE in the first attempt itself. Here he shares the strategy to follow for UPSC Mains 2017 optional Commerce & Accountancy, books and resources to use along with tips on how to prepare for the theory as well as the practical parts. Important topics under this optional and how to prepare for them selectively.

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  1. anyone wants to go upsc.. any start preparation after passing ipcc both group.. and during article of 3 yrs.. can try upsc… after passing upsc.. you all can give CA final… and enjoy CIVIL SERVANT AND CA… DIGNITY

  2. Hi Fellas,

    Does anyone have a view on Rankers Classes notes ? As in is it necessary to buy them or can one get away fro m studying from other sources for both the commerce papers. Thanks a lot for helping me out!

  3. Thanks sir… thanks for guidence. u cleared all my doubts regarding commerce subject as everybody says its very tough and wide subject. but u made easy for me.. thanks a lot


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