How to read and make notes from newspapers for UPSC CSE exam by Deepanshu Singh - Videos


Reading newspapers is one of the most challenging and crucial part of UPSC CSE exam preparation moreover reading effectively and making notes in the limited time available is itself a big challenge.This session by our Faculty- Mr. Deepanshu Singh, will help you in making this task simple for you and will also solve some of the most asked queries regarding reading newspapers like-

1. Why read newspapers?
2. Which all newspapers have to be read?
3. How to read newspapers?
4. How to link the topics with syllabus?
5. How to make effective notes from the news items?

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  1. Using key words to read news paper is a good way..but why it took whole paper to show the trick,only few articals could have been shown as examples(2 hours just for one trick….!!!!).Also should be noted by aspirants that balance between newspaper and othersources(eg.books,websites etc) is also important,along with this your own analysis of matter is most critical(warna poora din newspaper padhne me hi nikal jayega).Also i see that in videos related to newspapers, polity part is given almost 50-60 % coverage,it is because key words related to polity are easy to point out(like article number,institute name etc) .But other topics should be given equal weightage and must be studied by interlinking and little indepth search.

  2. "The Hindu" newspaper is the "naxalite rag". Why are these coaching centres insist on reading this anti-India and anti-Hindu newspaper. Do they want all the aspirants to become naxalites? Even their sister publication — Frontline magazine is no less. All the editors and senior staff people subscribe to naxalite/communist/marxist ideology and the people who write in editorial/opinion pages also have similar ideology.

    How many of you know this — Former editor, N. Ram is Communist Party card carrying member and he reflected party's view in the newspaper for many years. Other former editors like Siddharth Varadarajan (US citizen) and Malini Parthasarathy have same views. The name of the newspaper is "The Hindu", but the staff and their views are completely anti-Hindu.

    The people who prepare for Civil Services exam have to think what are they reading, what ideology this newspaper is propagating. An aspirant should have this basic analytical skill before reading any material given/suggested by coaching centres.


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