How to use “AS FOR” in professional English: Advanced English Vocabulary - Videos


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  1. As for girls in my country,though most look pretty,actually they're literally material,they have nothing but something like GUCCI,BURBERRY and HERMES on the brain all the time.

  2. Hello Vanessa, I just wanted to let you know that as for I eat sea food and salad as for drink regular water, could you please tell me if I write the corrrect sentence ? and ,also AS FOR I can used only talk about food or I can use for make other sentences ?

  3. In my country we are very fond of drinking tea.Especially retired people drinks too much as against young people.As for food we mostly have meat but it is too expensive recently in Turkey.

    Is "as against" correct in this sentence?and also are there any mistakes?

  4. As for food, we like to eat meat wraped in a bread and; as for drink we have a special traditional drink made by yoghurt. And after the meal, we love to drink tea in my country.

  5. hi vanessa! thanks for this lesson. today's expression will be really helpful to me:) As for foods in my country,Korea, we usually eat rice. Also, as you know, we always eat Kimchi.
    as for drinks in my country, i think a lot of koreans usually drink coffee everyday. I'm not sure every korean drink coffee everyday, but many koreans love coffee.

  6. As for what she said
    Any ideas as to what could have said??
    I'm confused as to how to do it
    As for how to find an English community (AE)= As to how to find an English community
    As to allowing the boys to play outside, I wouldn't


  7. As for food here in Brazil, I like chicken, fish, fruit ans vegetables. As for dessert, I eat puddin, guava sweet, marmelade, ice dream and all kind of sweets. Some sweet are found only here in Brazil and no other place in the world like paçoca, brigadeiro, bombom and so on. You're a excellent teacher and in my opinion you were born to be a treacher.

  8. as for food here in Philippines, we eat a lot rice every meal and as for drinks plain water is enough for me but i would love to drink a lot beer every other night or 3x a week rather. ?


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