How to Utilise Unacademy During UPSC Preparation – 6 Months Prelims Strategy - Videos


In this lesson, Mudit Gupta has explained how to utilize Unacademy’s platform during the UPSC preparation. Since less than 6 months are left for UPSC Prelims, it is important to channelize your preparation in the right direction. Unacademy can be of great help in your preparation. You can use it for covering both current and static part.

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  1. Please!!!! can anyone tell me that how much time it takes for an assitant commisioner of IT to become deputy commisioner of IT and after that joint commisioner of IT. How much time it takes for promotion.
    And is there any way to get promotion early by giving exams is ther and exams held..???please do reply @unacadmey


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