How to work towards becoming a lawyer ? – Sr. Adv. Aditya Sondhi - Videos


Aditya Sondhi is an alumnus of NLSIU Bangalore who graduated in 1998 and independently set up his litigation practice. He was designated as a senior counsel in the Karnataka High Court in the year 2014 and appointed as Additional Advocate General in the year 2016.



  1. Tell him to remove 50% reservation for Karnataka students.why do u even call it national University if there is reservation of 50%.other law schools are fool na.or only Karnataka as a state has a national law university.seniors if u can't fight this Injustice don't worry I will take admission in Bangalore in 2018 and together we will fight cheerful.

  2. Wait . Why don't u speak sense.i think seniors law school should me more meaningful.why do u need to speak for 10 hours to get to the point.i think law school should be more meaningful.and pls this man got up from sleep and has come.he might probably have been ragged during his University years,so content with his life during those year.ignore him.seniors u have plenty to do than hearing his piece of shit. _ tarang (2018- air 1-nlsiu).I know the law school needs me.


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