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“How to write essay | Descriptive exam Tier 3 for SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank PO | Best way”, this video contains all important point through which you can score very good marks in Descriptive Tier 3 exam of SSC CGL, CHSL, Bank PO etc.

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  1. Sir? 200 marks ka hota hey Pre. Next 200 marks ka hota hey mains. And 100 marks Ka letter and Essay Tab sir total huwa 500 marks phir kyu 600 hota Hey total. I'm Checking SSc Cgl Exams Idont have basic knowledge. is there anybody who can answer me

  2. I want to make a point on the confusion on letter's word limit. In CHSL 2015, the exam paper had specified 200 as word limit. However, in CGL 2016 and CHSL 2016 it was reduced to 150. The RTI showing 200 as word limit was in accordance to CHSL 2015 paper. Hence, it can be assumed that this year word limit will be 150 words +/- 10%.

  3. Hello sir, I just want some suggestion which is related to aptitude. Have u any idea related campus placement aptitude which type of questions they focus normally actually I just want to know which topics they ask have any idea then please reply me I have not good skills in aptitude and I have only one month to cover up all the subjects included aptitude.


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