IIT JEE 2019 – Chemistry for JEE – Structure Of A Molecule - Videos


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IIT JEE 2019 Main and Advanced exam preparation. Know about the detailed syllabus, best books, exam pattern, and dates. Cover previous year question papers and book solutions from great educators.

Types of Hybridisation: https://goo.gl/X9GZyK
In this lesson, Megha has discussed the types of hybridization and the two methods ie. Steric Number Method & Hybrid Number Method to determine the hybridization. I have also discussed the shapes of molecules. From this lesson, you will have a definite idea how the shapes of molecule are different from the geometries.

Chemical Bonding for IITJEE: https://goo.gl/47eWmB

Having trouble understanding the concepts of bonding? This course covers all the important concepts which one needs to know to represent any chemical compound. The educator takes you through topics like bond formation sigma, pi and coordinate bonds, overlapping of orbitals s, p and d and much more. This course will be beneficial for IIT JEE aspirants.

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