Important International Environmental Organisations/Treaties for UPSC CSE (IAS Exam) - Videos


Through this course, Anish will be making the UPSC CSE aspirants understand all the major international organizations and environmental treaties which are really vital to learn, keeping UPSC CSE in mind. The major topics discussed by Anish are Washington Convention, Bonn Convention, SAWEN, WCMC, MIKE Programme, Project Destination Flyways, WWF, IUCN, Ecolex, UNESCO’s MAB program, Conservation International, Basel Convention, Rotterdam Convention, Stockholm Convention, Minamata Convention, Vienna Convention, Montreal Protocol, London Convention and Ballast Water Management Convention, 1992 Earth Summit, UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol, UNCCD, CBD, GEF, PBES, REDD, REDD++, Ramsar Convention, Montreux Record, Wetlands International, IRENA, Biocarbon Fund, BIOFIN Project, Ci-Dev, and TCAF. By the completion of this course, one will be proficient with topics related to Flora and Fauna protection, Environmental Pollution, and Climate Change and Biodiversity.

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