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Are you always searching for the right word? Today, we offer our best tips on how to improve your vocabulary. When you grow your vocabulary, it has a positive effect on ALL areas of communication – whether you are speaking or writing formally or informally. Being able to accurately describe your thoughts is an essential component of exchanging ideas with anyone.

If you need to grow your vocabulary in a hurry (for the SAT or GRE, for example), try our hints to increase your vocabulary in a directed way. Start by reading – both your current textbooks, as well as other books and articles that interest you. Pay special attention to words you don’t recognize. Seize those words and make them yours! Underline them, look them up in a dictionary and thesaurus, and if you still have trouble remembering them, make flashcards. We have another video with advice on how to best use flashcards here:

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Great Student: Liliana De Castro
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  1. As always, a perfect explanation. Tank you.
    I have a question regarding archaic or abandoned words in English. I would like to know are there any rules/approaches to recognize archaic/losing its actuality words in English.
    If the question has its answer it would be great to make some video for it.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Love your work socratica. Your videos are clear, precise and flawless. I've always enjoyed your videos and your efforts actually helping me a lot in my school life. So thanking socratica team and May the team shine?

  3. The first tip (read EVERYTHING) sounds good but actually is – a bad one. You'd be surprise that there are a lot of bad bad books/papers/news in the wild, not to mention the environments/cultures. I'd suggest to pick one or few topics that you really liked and goes from there.

  4. is also a GREAT way to expand your vocabulary. It combines dictionary, etymology, and thesaurus into a game system to track which words you're willing to learn and which words you currently struggle with. It's also available as a mobile app, though not free (but cheap and it is one-time purchase).

  5. Please recommend a book, I bought one (everything's eventual) but it's for advanced readers there are a lot of words that I can't understand, I tried read it and search for each word but they are many. Nice videos. You have a new fan


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