Indians In Space – Mission 2018 – PM Modi Red Fort Speech Analysis – Current Affairs 2018 - Videos


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  2. Sir monsoon tak sab soye rehte h
    Aur jab flood aata h to janta bhi jaag jaati h aur government and administrators bhi jaag jaate h…..
    Ye vote dene walo ko sochna chahiye…. jo vaade bde bde krte h aur kaam nhi.😞

  3. कुछ नही होगा मेरे भाई फेंकू है फेंक कर चला गया
    कोंग्रेस के किये गए कार्यों का फीता काटकर महान बनने का नाम किया है
    फेंकू ने

  4. Indians are under an illusion that money is generated by saving it only. You cannot be rich by saving money instead you have to spend it smarty. And the best way to spend it is on innovation like space technology. People who say we should save it for the Poors are just suggesting a temporary fix we will have take them out of poverty permanently. And for that you need burning desire inside everyone. Look Germany Japan even USA established itself as superpower after beating USSR in sending man on moon. Until unless people of the country want to be rich and powerful none can make them. And for they they should be educated and inspired space mission is one of that inspiration that we are in the race with the topmost in the world. And you will see jealous developed countries criticizing that because they don't want you to be in competition same happened with mangalyan but isro today because of that has eshtablished it's name and getting business soon it will start earning profit. Even today it's inventions are fetching us profit but indirectly
    We will launch space mission and we will help poor in a better way because of this
    Jai hind

  5. mullon Ko ur Pakistani gadaron Ko mirchi Lahti he ….ur kuch ….. Papu ke chution Ko …… keep jelous ….. haramiyon ……,😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  6. Thousands of people also died in america chaina russia by various natural disaster … but this doesnt mean that science and technology should be stopped…increase petrol price balance the loss…

  7. Bharat ka gagan Sakti project or Kerala me flood ana ye dono alag alag matter hai….10000 crore 2022 tak kharch hoga….ye ek opportunity hai un indian genius Ke liye Jo India Ke liye kuch karna chahte hai lekin ghatiya politician ki wajah se nahi kar pate modi ji ek opportunity hai un sabhi Ke liye..isse desh me science ko bahut badawa milega….rahi baat Kerala ki toh India history dekh le kisi bhi state me emergency hoti hai to government or Baki state Ke civilian bhi help Ke liye aage aate…hai hum sab milkar Kerala par aae flood Ke liye kuch Na kuch anudaaan kare to Kerala is pareshani se Bahar aa jayege….

  8. sir agar yahi soch ke itne log takleef me h to koi mission ki jarurat h

    to hissab se to india ko koi bhi technology, koi be invention koi bhi mission
    koi bhi big projects nahi start karne chyie

    to kya aap ab tak un invention,mission se jo developments hue h

    unko bhi khariz karte h

    ye sahi h ki unlogo ki help honi chyie lekin kya desh ko usi non development ki stage me rehna chyie

  9. Yes we must go to space, if politicians can keep money lakhs crore in Swiss bank and can do corruptions then why not space mission. At least money will be utilises for science and technology.

  10. Space mission will hardly do any good to our day today life. We dont have enough fund for normal researches which can actually improve day to day life. I'm not against spending money on researches but right now we are following the path how ussr dissolved. By "Overcompititiveness".

    P.S Ignore any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Its the opinion that matters 😛

  11. I don't know why peoples always compare ISRO activities with floods, poverty, hunger and malnutrition. I want to say one thing whatever the ISRO is doing obsulutely nice job.. Its our pleasure that India have such eminent scientists. I please request u if u really want to compare anything u should compare with the wealth which is accumulated by illegal activities there are so many peoples in India politicians, film stars, cricketers accumulated huge wealth. Contributing huge inequality in society. Is it not there responsibility to serve the nation in elivating poverty, helping peoples who are devasted by floods, femine?

  12. Naeder Modi ji please request Samta dalhor w/o. Pawan Kumar. Jatuwas ki sallerybadhdo government agency paisa pay ID for phone number 9991281927. And Sachin Kumar rohari Naukri job description please request Rewari Haryana India from Samta dalhor ITI institute not Copa America and see if you have uyrrrrt and I will send the best regards David Pooja Hisar Haryana India and I will be able and around the world Vikas Marg Delhi to be able to be in the YU and see what you want and around the world is to be ashawarker kamlker Parveen mahwerkajal ka vita Puja Hisar Big boss launch a new email address [email protected] [email protected] Big boss declerhai dcrate Samta dalhor big boss address mail Kera photo number 8818022662per mail Kera photo. Puja Hisar tuition teacher. Vikas Ankur [email protected] Saint nirkari bhawan Rewari Haryana Android. OPPO smartphone messenger with. Big boss launch please request Rewari Haryana India from Samta

  13. Ab India bhi khud se capable he ek independent space mission conduct Karne mein that's a great thing…….lekin jiss state mein flood ya phir koi natural calamities ho raha he wahan pe pehele jada se Jada funding karke halat sudharni chahiye ….space mission can be delayed but the later can't be…


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