JEE Mains 2018 Paper Analysis | Expected cut off for JEE Main 2018 - Videos


The offline examination of JEE Mains was conducted on 8th april at various centres across India, and we hope you all fared well. In this video, we will do an analysis of JEE Mains 2018 paper, and discuss some trends seen in JEE papers over the years. We will primarily look at the topic wise distribution and , the difficulty level and based on all this, we will predict the JEE Main 2018 cut off.

Overall, our experts have drawn the following conclusions from this year’s exam:
1. Chemistry was conceptual. One or two questions required lots of calculation
2. Maths was lengthy but non ambiguous
3. Physics was the trickiest, also calculative in nature

Exam was a little tougher than last year.

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  1. Avanti gurukul no bonus are there this year dont say lies.let me explain physics pulley problem in the question it isention "minimum " weight which was 27.7 kg.even my answer was 23.3.butlogicall it was 27.7 as this was next least weight.and that in chemistry in ncert behaviour of sicl3 as lewis acid is not considering it cbse will not give any bonus.dont fool people.if bonus is provide it will be cheating with students who attempted the quetion and correctly marked it.dont crave for bonus it generally raises the cutoff and gives extra marks to those who doesnt deserve it.


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