Launching No Sweat Series: Geometry at Magnus Prep - Videos


At Magnus Prep, we’ll be conducting an intensive 7 day online program for CAT Geometry. It’s called the No Sweat Series – Geometry, and it starts on the coming Monday – 21st May.
Now this is program is for anyone who is yet to begin their Geometry Prep, for students who have started but are struggling or taking too much time. This is even for students who feel their good at Geometry but are not able to solve questions fast.
The whole purpose of the program is to help you master all CAT Geometry concepts and problem solving techniques very thoroughly, and that too in just 1 week – not in 1 – 2 months that students normally take.

No Sweat Series:

As part of the program, you will get access to:
15+ hours of live online classes by Venkat Raghulan and by myself. Both of us are 99%ilers, but more importantly, we are passionate teachers and hard taskmasters – we’ll push you hard throughout the course of the week to master Geometry. You’ll also get access to all recorded versions of these live sessions.
In this program, we’ll thoroughly cover all basic and advanced concepts in CAT Geometry from the very fundamentals, in an easy to understand, and hard to forget manner.
We’ll be covering more than 250 handpicked CAT level Geometry questions. These questions will help you master all problem solving techniques and shortcuts required for CAT.
You will also be added to an active WhatsApp study group for CAT Geometry, where you’ll be able to share and discuss a wide variety of problems and problem-solving techniques.
Finally, you will get access to an intensive 3 hour online workshop on previous year CAT Questions. Through this workshop, you will get familiar with the difficulty level of CAT Geometry Questions as well as learn multiple shortcut techniques and approaches to tackle these CAT questions.
So yes, this is your chance to master Geometry in just 7 days – and score big in CAT Quants.
If you are interested, click on the link in the description below, or head to – and under the Programs Tab on the top, select No Sweat Series – Geometry. You’ll be able to enrol for the program on that page. You can also avail a discount of 500 rupees by using the coupon code NSSG500. Do remember, the last date for registration is this Sunday 11:59 PM.




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