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Click on this link for a ChetChat with AILET Topper Dhanishta Mittal who talks of How to Prepare for CLAT, LSAT, AILET, MH CET & Symbiosis Entrance exam, AILET exam preparation, law entrance exam preparation, books and notes for CLAT, watch this CLAT preparation video with tips and tricks on how to prepare for CLAT and how to prepare for LSAT. She talks of how to prepare for AILET, watch this AILET topper interview discuss books for law entrance exams and LLB entrance exam books, how to study for mhcet and how to prepare for mhcet including tips for lsat exam preparation.
1. She took five exams – CLAT, AILET, Symbiosis Entrance Exam, MHCET and LSAT
2. A discussion on the differences between the five exams
3. AILET – 150 mark paper into 5 sections in 1.5 hours
a. English – 35 marks
b. GK – 35 marks
c. Logic – 35 marks
d. Legal reasoning – 35 marks
e. Math – 10 marks
4. The Law entrance exam papers tend to be unpredictable from one year to another
5. English – this year there was no reading comprehension section, replaced by a closed test
6. Solving all the papers 7-8 year past papers of each one of these five exams helps in being prepared for all types of questions
7. AILET is a paper based test vs. CLAT which is an online test
8. Books and Preparation Material for Law Entrance Exams
9. English –
a. CAT Preparation Book by Arun Sharma
b. Vocabulary
10. Math
a. Quantitative aptitude by RS Agarwal
11. GK
a. Pearsons Manual’
b. Study IQ Preparation on YouTube channel
c. Newspapers
d. GK
e. Jagran Josh
f. Online tyari
g. Daily GK
h. Day to Day GK
i. CLAT gyan
12. Legal Reasoning
a. Use your logic to apply the legal principles
b. Legal GK – Be thorough with the constitution
13. Logical Reasoning
a. Analytical – RS Agarwal – Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning
b. Verbal reasoning – MK Pandey
c. GMAT reference sources – the critical reasoning section
d. LSAT study material
e. CAT Preparation book by Arun Sharma
14. Comprehensive Books
a. Lexis Nexis
15. LSAT exam Preparation
16. Importance of mock tests – take 3 mock test series from different sources
17. Which board of education to favour in 11th and 12th grade

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Watch this video for Law Entrance Exam Tips: Tricks & Success Mantra for AILET Exam by Dhanishta Mittal telling us How to Prepare for MHCET, clat exam tips and clat exam preparation tips, she shares her success mantra with exam tips for students, strategies of how to prepare for clat. See this ChetChat to know how to prepare for clat at home, how to prepare for the clat exam and the best books for clart preparation, also some online resources and apps for clat preparation.

Dhanishta Mittal gives us tips and tricks on how to crack the clat exam, tips from an AILET topper, AILET preparation video with a AILET topper interview. Dhanishta talks of the clat exam patter, the five sections, clat exam details and clat exam strategy. She gives some strategies for negative marking and preparation as well.

How to succeed at the common law admission test and her success mantras for the clat exam, some tricks for clat and she tells us what the clat exam is all about.
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  1. hello ma'am!! I have been enjoying your videos and been learning a lot so thank you so much:) and as been a law student iam very keen to learn the subjects or certain techniques to crack magistrates or civil justice exam. so can you please help me for it..

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  4. hello mam….
    this video is really very helpful..
    Mam i want to ask u a thing..mam i too want to give Clat 2018 and want to get admission in an NLU..nd i have just completed my 12th..nd i am thinking to drop this year for preparing for clat..but mam in my city there is no coaching institution for clat..i m not having any mentor..nd neither my parents are allowing me to go out of my city for taking mam i m not getting how to do my preparation….Mam plz give me some suggetion…please…..


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