Learn English Root Words for Building a Strong Vocabulary (A to B) – Part 1 - Videos


Watch Lesson 1 Tips and Tricks To Learn English Vocabulary here: https://youtu.be/77xXg7qZueY
In this lesson, Reema teaches you to learn root words for building a strong vocabulary. Doubt clearing session for the last lesson on tips and tricks to improving your vocabulary is also included in this lesson. Must watch for all.
From roots to borrowed words to test prep, this course will improve your vocabulary in a manner that you would never have expected!

You can find the entire course here: https://goo.gl/H4tXua

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  1. Q1:- words using the root "Ann"
    ✓ Anniversary
    ✓Anno Domini (A.D)

    ✓Q2:- meaning of Anthropomorphic means relating to the idea that an animal or an object has feeling or characteristics like those of human being.


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