Learn English Vocabulary Words With Meaning and sentences In Hindi Part 30 - Videos


Daily Use English words and Sentences with Meaning in Hindi, Urdu. Learn basic English words for spoken English & conversation. Learn English vocabulary for IELTS in Hindi. सीखो English Words with Meaning in Hindi. This is Part 30 Of Daily Use Vocabulary Practice for Indians and Pakistanis. Learn 50 English Words सीखने का Vocabulary For Beginners Through Hindi with Ifactner.

This English Vocabulary words with meaning in Hindi is useful for preparation of SSC CGL, Bank PO, IELTS and TOEFL exams. Beginners learn English words with meaning in HINDI. 50 English words meaning आओ सीखें sentences. English vocabulary in Hindi Urdu video tutorial for Bank PO, SSC CG. आज के 50 Vocabulary Words in English. Ifactner has developed a 3000 words series with Most Important English vocabulary with Urdu Hindi Meaning. Click https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtBV6zZI13pbnpSzRBTZr7z3EjXSMXcBV .

This is an Introduction video of Hindi to English tutorials which teaches you meaning simple words by using them in common daily use English phrases, questions and sentences. Learn English through Hindi by learning the meaning of English words in this English Urdu speaking course. Beginners also learn English through Hindi by making daily use English phrases of the discussed English word with translation in Hindi in this English Urdu speaking course. You learn English through Hindi by following the instructions of Ifactner to do English speaking exercise for Indians and Pakistanis in this English Urdu speaking course.
This course is for teaching English to the beginners and students who are preparing for Bank PO, SSC CGL, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT exams. If you want to improve your spoken English and English writing then you have to improve your English vocabulary. Learn the meaning of 3000 English words with example sentences translated in Hindi serves that purpose.


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  1. I hope that. You will give me the answers of my some questions very soon. Sir, I am a hindi medium student. This is my final year. My first question is:- 1. Which dictionary should I use? English to English or English to Hindi. And my second question is:- 2. I should write any English words English to English or English to Hindi. Please sir, give me answer soon. I am waiting for your answers. And thank a lot.


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