Learn to Master World Maps for UPSC CSE Aspirants – Oceania - Videos


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This course will make the world crystal clear in your mind and you will easily do the related questions which come frequently in the competitive exams as well as in your school/ college exams. After going through this course, one will be able to learn about the maps, Basics of Maps, Maps of different countries. It will help in attempting questions properly and scoring a good amount of marks in the examinations. Tags: Geography in UPSC CSE, Maps in Geography, Basics of Map Reading, Important World Maps, World Maps in Geography, UPSC CSE Syllabus, UPSC CSE Examination.

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  1. Sir it was a great show. Very clearly explained to the point. But please Sir, can you upload the presentation for Top 10 Countries important for India with respect to economy, defense and other important aspects.


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