Live Master Class on 1D Kinematics for JEE Main & Advanced and Class 11 Physics Part-2 – Join Now - Videos


Master all the concepts of 1D Kinematics for JEE Main & Advanced Physics (CBSE Class 11) in this Master Class by Namo Kaul. In this class, Vedantu Master Teacher for Physics, Namo Kaul sir, will explain and give tips and tricks to solve 1D Kinematics questions (problems) for JEE Main & Advanced Physics quickly and accurately.

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The questions are based on the topics –

1.Position, path length and displacement
2.Average velocity and average speed
3.Instantaneous velocity and speed
5.Kinematic equations for uniformly accelerated motion
6.Relative velocity

How Vedantu Personal Teacher:-

– Enjoy taking an impeccable edge over other students, embedded by constant revision, thorough guidance over any topic.
– Get an instant resolution to all your underlying doubts, all by just a quick registration to our impressive live sessions.
– Our Exam modules, guiding you towards an enjoyable venture for Competitive Exams Preparation, as never before.
– Our belief in prioritizing all the topics and sub-topics can get the things easier and less time taking.



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