Logical Reasoning , points to remember , Analytical Ability NTS HEC [Part 3] {Urdu / Hindi} - Videos


Logical Reasoning , points to remember while solving, Analytical Ability NTS HEC [Part 3] {Urdu / Hindi}
Introduction and types of Analytical Ability NTS HEC
Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning are essential part of Analytical Ability for many tests . NTS national testing service and HEC higher education commission have analytical ability portion in their tests like NAT GAT HAT . It is also part of most Job tests and University College Admission Test Aptitude test and Entry test in Islamic Republic of Pakistan . Munir Ahmad Khokhar is the Expert in Analytical Ability . Thousands of his students passed the tests easily . here are some lectures by him for benefit of future applicants of these tests .
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Lecture 0
Introduction of analytical ability and difference of analytical teasoning and logical reasoning https://youtu.be/pScgBltiuCo

Lecture 1 Introduction of Analytical Reasoning

Lecture 2 How to understand Analytical Question’s statement

Lecture 3 How to solve the Analytical Reasoning Questions , Method to crack the analytical problems

Lecture 4 Important Statements Explained , Learn the language of Analytical

Lecture 5 Analytical Reasoning statement solved and xplained in full

Lecture 6 Types of Analytical Reasoning Problems

Lecture 7 Type 1 Analytical Problem solution
Lecture 8 Type 2 Analytical Problem solution
Lecture 9 Type 3 Analytical Problem solution
Lecture 10 Type 4 Analytical Problem solution
Lecture 11 Type 5 Analytical Problem solution
Lecture Type Analytical Problem solution

Lecture Type Analytical Problem solution

Lecture Type Analytical Problem solution

Lecture Type Analytical Problem solution

Lecture Type Analytical Problem solution

Lecture Type Analytical Problem solution

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