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How to study medicine(MBBS) at government prescribed lowest fees. What to do if you get low neet score. This video will focus on what students should do next when their NEET exam score is less.

It mainly focus on what students should do if their NEET score is not close to the cutoff. What if they miss govt quota where tuition fees ranges from 20000 to 4 lakhs/annum. Should they study medicine under management quota in self-financing colleges where fees ranges between 19 lakhs to 35 lakhs per annum. What other options are available to study medicine at affordable cost within the government quota fees.

Lets say your guessed score is not close to the expected neet cutoff for 2018, you have two options to choose from. The first option is to drop out next year and use the whole one year time effectively to score high in the next year NEET examination. Do you know most of the toppers of 2017 exam were drop outs the previous year. The second option is to study MBBS in private colleges at the prescribed government fees of Rs 4-6 lakhs/annum. You might be wondering how is it possible to study medicine at this tuition fees when the private college fees are in the range of 18 to 30 lakhs/year. Believe me.. There are options available. If you can afford 5 lakhs/annum which is the official fees prescribed by many state government, you can become doctor for sure. If you require guidance on how to study MBBS within the govt prescribed fees, send whatsapp request “COUNSEL” to 6382088809. This will be your plan B in case you don’t get government quota medical seat.

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What if you could not get into MBBS?

For Low NEET cutoff option to study MBBS at government prescribed lowest fees send whatsapp request “COUNSEL” along with your name and city to 6382088809


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  1. Sir for OBC category what the cut off for Maharashtra state will be high or low also how many marks are required to get govt. medical college for MBBS course please Sir tell me please Sir reply Thank you very much

  2. Sir l will exactly get 223 in Neet 2018.MBC category . Will l get self finance clg below 4 lakhs or how much should l pay for my marks? pls reply sir , lt will help me.


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