M Learning Course details for IIT JEE and CBSE Class 8th – 12th - Videos


Meet Ravi,
He has cleared IIT-JEE with a Top Rank.
But unlike other Toppers, He has unusual Success story to share.
He preferred smart learning method for his preparation….
Instead of joining any coaching classes.
So, he started his preparation for IIT with M LEARNING INDIA.
He bought M Learning India’s Offline Course, where he got hard disk delivered at his Doorstep.

This hard disk contains-
Video lectures by the most renowned and experienced Faculties mostly IITians, covering the complete syllabus of IIT JEE in the exact classroom environment.
Complete Study Packages including Notes and the videos of the solutions of study materials.
Study Plan, helping him to maintain a strict study schedule.

Ravi daily spent 2-3 hours in watching Video lectures and used to prepare his notes while watching them.
Then he used to solve study materials on his own for another 3 – 4 Hours.
After solving study materials on his own, he used to watch the videos of discussion of study materials and clear all his doubts.
He used to do his revision on a regular basis, and he could do that very easily as he could replay the videos any number of times.
Moreover, He could connect with his favorite teachers through the M learning Doubt Forum App anytime.

Ravi says, while preparing with M Learning India he always felt like he was guided personally and the journey was very smooth and easy.

So this was his story.
Now making your success story with M learning India is just one decision away.
The benefits you will experience are
No internet connectivity required.
High Quality Video with zero buffering.
Watching video on the big screen is comfortable and less tiring.
M Learning offline course is Designed to fit your budget.
Learning is fun with M Learning.
It makes you more confident, with all your concept clear and No Doubts….
With M Learning your success is assured..
Learn Anywhere, Anytime.
Connect us at:
Mobile: +91-98260-23696, 9826023096
Download our app from Google Play Store
Discover us on Face Book and YouTube
So, what are you waiting for…..

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  1. make your app for pc as well because from YouTube we can't watch your paid videos and many of us who are study focused do not have smart phones so please make your app for windows laptops for online watching


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