Mahanadi River Water Dispute between Odisha & Chhattisgarh – Origin, political vendetta & future - Videos


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  1. Sorry sir you know little about ODISHA.Nitin Gadgari is not in favour of making the tribunal.Afterall chattisgarh is A BJP rulling state.So all in favour of chattishgard.No anti incumbency in odisha.This state is poor but law and order situation is quite good and people are happy in comparing rest of india.Actually no one in favour of odisha i.e centre or rest of india.Odisha quite neglected by all

  2. Please also cover some background regarding how much water can any state claim over river flowing through its territory (which would be effectively covering objectives of these interstate water dispute tribunal).

  3. as we see several dispute among states their should be a solid solution for such dispute like first of all we should think as Indian not as a people of one state oddisa chhatisgarh's or any other state. before constructing any barrier on river we must see pros and cons of all the state which will gets affected by this. if more cons than pros we should not construct and if some public getting affected than is their any solution for those public we must consider after all we are of one country. and another solution which you already said platation that will increase precipitation and holding capacity of earth..

  4. Sorry Sir but your research on d issue is too less.. Mahanadi Issue n Polavaram Issue r d 2 water related issues of Odisha.

    N Honourable minister Nitin Gadkari said to form tribunal within 3 months bt still no further steps are taken
    N there is no stay on construction of industrial barages in chhatisgarh till dis issue is sorted..
    Till d time issue will b sorted by then all d construction would b complete thn can d govt.. change it??..

  5. solution
    Afforestation to attract more rain,linking the tributaries with river which have excess water,use of desalination techniques to use water from bay of bengal,promoting drip and sprinkler irrigation in agriculture to conserve water,inducing behavioural changes among people through awareness drive .For water needs India must build relationship with technologically advanched country like Isreal.

  6. Chhattisgarh government development kar rhi toh rok rhe kya odisha government bhi dam nhi bna sakti sambalpur ke baad sidha cuttack me bada dam hai, baat pani ki toh mahanadi ko pani barish se milta hai koi glacier nhi pighal rha chhattisgarh me jungle jada hai toh barish hoti hai aur west odisha me bhi bahut jungle hai
    Jo log bol rhe ki dam sand bharne ke banay woh galat hai kyunki sab barish ka pani hai odisha government ko bhi chhattisgarh ki tarah dam banana chahiye waise bhi jo mahanadi ke 70% pani ko samundar me baha De rhe hai bina utilization ke usko roke dam banakar agar itni serious problems hai odisha me toh iss politics se odisha ko bhi nuksan chhattisgarh ko bhi nuksan aur desh ko bhi nuksan hai

  7. there are few more insights that may be added to the video:-
    1. there aare three kinds of river water projects- minor, medium and major. minor projects can be build by the state without any approval or pre consultations with any other state. on the other hand medium and major projects can be undertaken only after approval of the central CWC and proper consultation with the concerned river sharing states. Hence the minor projects being constructed by Chhattisgarh are not an area where Odisha can exercise any say.
    2. there are 2-3 major projects being build by Chhattisgarh, for which prior approval has been obtained by the central government 3-4 years back. surprisingly, Odisha didnt stake any claim at that time and was awaken from its slumber only in late 2016, when it had no answer for its farmers relinquishing under drought like situations after monsoon failure in the region. They, for very understandable reasons, didnt accept their paralytic attitude towards farmers and wanted to encash the panchayat elections (where mainly the voters by default are farmers) in early 2017.
    3. now the biggest fact to be contemplated is why did the Odisha government, with such stability of having the same CM for past 18 years, could never talk to Chhattisgarh earlier when they allege that these projects were under construction. If they are so concerned about their farmers why did they made it an issue only in 2016?? #2017PanchayatElections #CombatAntiIncubmancy (as you mentioned) and #2019Elections.
    4. what will put things in a lucid perspective is also the comparative analysis of irrigation policy of both states. Recent reports have shamed Odisha for its falwed water utilization policy for irrigation purposes (, courtesy the hindu) . On the other hand Chhattisgarh has been lauded for its efforts of increasing its irrigation potential by 1 lakh hectare in a single year. The Chhattisgarh Irrigation department has launched #AbhiyanLakshyaBhagirathi to raise irrigation potential of the state by 1,00,000 hectare every year and make the state monsoon independent by 2028. Under the #SankalSeSiddhi program the Chhattisgarh Government aims to attain 75percent of its irrigation potnetial by the year 2022 ( success story link– OR &

    i dont think now there is much space left for petty politics. Odisha must try to better its performance than engaging in unnecessary blame game. India now votes on performance not by fooling around. Panchayat elections of 2017 have shown this to BJD led Odisha govt (


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