Manage Your Time: Manage Your Life by Awdhesh Singh [Ex IRS] - Videos


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  1. Points to Remember:

    1. Everyone has same 24hrs of time but how you manage it makes the difference
    2. Identify your Goal: Saves time
    3. Plan effectively
    4. Prioritise your time(and work): Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual
    5. Have variety in your work: change the subject the moment you get bored
    6. Quality is more important than Quantity: Read from one book only.
    7. Deligate: take help from others
    8. Revision & feedback
    9. Avoid diversions.
    10. Avoid Stress: Helps in better focusing.
    11. Positive outlook towards life: Optimistic, positive thinker, hopeful

  2. 1. Identify the goal.
    2. Plan to achieve your goal.
    3. Prioritizing your goals. (Annual, Monthly, Weekly and Daily basis)(important and difficult first).
    4. Must have variety in your schedule to make it interesting.
    5. Focus on quality and not quantity.
    6. Delegate.
    7. Revision.
    8. Avoid diversion.
    9. Avoid stress.
    10. Positive outlook on everything!


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