Many Questions Taught by Kartikey Sir Matched in Physics JEE(Advanced) 2018 Paper | It’s Shocking - Videos


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  1. Sar iit mens and iit एडवासं का पेपर हो चुका हे अब फिर से ओर सूरु से iit कि तयारी करवाए मे आपके हर video देखया हू सर ply फिर से तयारी करवाए मे class 12th ka student हू ओर हेडिगं हिन्दी मे भी बताय मे हिन्दी मिडियम मे पढता हू आप हमारी comment पढते हो तो जरुर जवाब दो plz

  2. bhaiya i intentionally click on all advertisements on your videos to increase your earnings and help u as u are helping us a lot .. so everyone should take a motive to help sir by clicking on adds and by popularising the channel….by the way i spread your channel and helped you to gain 236 subscribers some from our college, school, juniours, by fake gmails etc just to make you feel happy.. thanks a lot sir…


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