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Maths Shortcut : How to Find CUBE Quickly !!
I suggest you study smart, not hard.
this is the best online platform to study for competitive exams.
This is useful for Quantitative Aptitude for Any entrance exams.
How to find Cube and Cube root is imp topic for aptitude.
some numbers are Perfect Cube and some are imperfect Cube.

Here we will try to find cube of two digit number with trick and shortcut method ( VEDIC maths method ). which can be be Extended up to cube of three digit number.
How to cube a number fast.
How to cube two and three digit no in hindi.
Speed maths tricks for fast calculation in hindi.
these are math shortcut for fast calculation useful for Simplification and Approximation . It si useful in SBI PO/ Clerk/ IBPS PO/ Clerk/ SSC CGL/ Railway/ RRB/ LIC/ NDA/ CDS/ IAS/CAT/SSC SCG/SSC CHSL. For Fast calculation and speed maths,vedic maths Study Smarter not harder.

Here we will find cube by using formula.
how to find cube and cube root faster.
Shortcut method to find cube .
these techniques are used in bank po/clerical exams and other competitive exams to quickly solve the questions on the topic Simplification

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