In this video we shall discussa very easy and non confusing method to solve difficult PUZZLE & SEATING ARRANGEMENT high level questions in very less time and with accuracy. Most of the exams including SBI PO, IBPS,CLERK, RAILWAYS,SSC CGL, SBI PO 2017, BANK PO, RRB PO, RBI CLERK, SSC CGL, LIC,RAILWAYS, RBI and other competitive exams consist of questions from this topic and many students facing difficulty while solving such questions. So i tried to make the task easier. You will definitely find change in your speed and accuracy while solving these type of questions



  1. mam…when i tried to solve this question my mind got totally banked ..i have learned a lot and something new…that would help me ahead to got insights on that types of puzzle .my point is it is unequivocally given that 2 would not speak russian …but you have mentioned 2 with russian laguages…..plz notice starting of 4th para……….thanks for providing high level puzzles,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. There are Seven different TV Shops – A, B, C, D, E, F and G sold TVs starting from Monday to Sunday (of the same week) not necessarily in same order. The number of TVs sold by the Seven TV shops in seven different days are 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 15 and 27 (not necessarily in same order).
     The Shop ‘A’ sold TVs on one of the days after Friday. On Wednesday, the number of TVs sold are 12. The difference between the number of TVs sold on Monday and Friday is the multiple of the number 7
     There are two shops between the shop F and the shop which one sold 4TVs. Shop B sold TVs on one of the days immediately before the shop that sold 9 TVs. There are two shops between B and G.
     There are three shops between the shop F and D. C not sold the least number of TVs. The sum of TVs sold on Wednesday and Saturday is more than ten and the sum equals to the number of TVs sold on Friday.
     The difference between the number of TVs sold by Shop B and G is less than five. The Shop which sold 9 TVs not on Friday.The shop F sold the TVs on one of the days after the shop which sold 4TVs.
     The shop which sold more than 12 TVs(not an odd number) is immediately after the one which one sold 12 TVs. Shop F sold more number of TVs than Shop D.

    mam can you help me to solve this type of problem?

  3. so much confused.mam, in statement it is given that N is left of 6 .but in your possibility case you have arranged N on immediate right of 6 . and one more question is how can we decide that N is immediate left of 6 as it is not mentioned in question.please clarify it .

  4. mam I'm completely puzzled. plz help me out
     Players belongs to different countries i.e. France, China, India, Italy, Korea, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Australia and Russia are sitting in two parallel rows containing five players each, in such a way that there is an equal distance between adjacent persons. In row-1 Novak Djokovic, Maria Sarapova, Pete Sampras, Rafael Nadal and Caroline Wozniacki are seated (not necessarily in the same order) and all of them are facing south. In row-2 Andy Roddick, Andy Muray, Jimmy Connors, Martina Hingis and Milos Raonic are seated (not necessarily in the same order) and all of them are facing north. Therefore in the given seating arrangement each member seated in row faces another member of the other row. All of them have relation with each other. 
     Only one player sits between Pete Sampras’s sister and Novak Djokovic’s brother. Only two players sit between Pete Sampras’s father and Martina Hingis’s father. Neither Maria Sarapova nor Martina Hingis’s grandfather faces Martina Hingis. Andy Muray belong to Italy and Maria Sarapova is neither belong to France nor Russia. Martina Hingis’s husband, who belongs to Brazil, sits third to the right of Martina Hingis’s uncle. Andy Roddick sits second to the left of Martina Hingis’s husband. Novak Djokovic has two sons and one daughter. The player facing Martina Hingis’s brother, who belongs to India, sits immediate right of Novak Djokovic’s daughter. Caroline Wozniacki is the grandmother of Andy Roddick and Martina Hingis. Rafael Nadal is the brother-in-law of Caroline Wozniacki. Pete Sampras is the father of Andy Roddick and brother of Maria Sarapova. Andy Roddick’s grandfather, who belongs to France, is not an immediate neighbour of Maria Sarapova. Milos Raonic is the husband of Martina Hingis and brother of the one, who belongs to Korea. Martina Hingis belongs to Germany and Caroline Wozniacki belongs to Australia. Pete Sampras neither belongs to Japan nor China. Jimmy Connors belongs to Korea. Rafael Nadal does not belong to China.

  5. grtt ques mam thnkuuuuuuuuu…. dimag ki batti jali ……. bring many more such questions plz, jisme data kam dia ho n sochna jada pare………………… n A VERYHAPPPY HOLI TO U AND ALL D FACULTY …THNKS FOR UR CONTINOUS EFFORTS
    😀 =D


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