NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Biomolecules Lecture – 8 (Proteins) 11th NCERT - Videos


1. Proteins – General
2. Level of organisation
3. Primary structure
4. Secondary structure
5. Tertiary structure
6. Quartiary Structure
7. Significance of 3D protein structure
8. Type of proteins
9. G N Ramachandran



  1. sir i confuse antibody str of disulphide bond because disulphide bond occur inb/w 2 long chain n also in b/w shortchain n longchain so k intramolecular n intermolecular respectively
    plzzzz explain sir where i wrong
    thank u so much

  2. Sir..secondary & tertiary structure th stable hone ke liye apne bich hydrgen & Di sulphide bond bana rha hy..but..sir quarternary structure ko stable hone k liye VI kya kisi prakar bond formation karna parta hy???

  3. Sir in cell lectures u have told that syncytium is seen in case of animal cells.
    But NCERT11 page no.166 past line written that syncytium in endosperm
    it creat a confusion sir. plze reply


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