NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Human health & disease Lecture – 13 (Autoimmunity & Immune system in body) - Videos


1. Autoimmunity
2. Diagnosis & Treatment
3. Common autoimmune disorders
4. Primary lymphoid organs
5. secondary lymphoid organs
6. Bone marrow & spleen



  1. sir aapne jab vo choti bacchi ke baare me bataya type 1 d/s ka ….literally mere eyes me tears aa gaye…..
    sir hum zaroor acche dr banenge puri mehnat or junoon ke saath ….Inshallah……
    Allah hum sab biomentors ke commandos ko kamyaab kare…or hamare pyaare DR GEENTEDRA sir ki khawaish ko pura kare…AMEEN…

  2. I mean ki man lo ki koi gav me doctors he unke paas to hr tipe ki bimari ke pasent aate he to vo elaz krte he madisine likhte he but vo to ek specik disease ke Dr. hote he fir bhi vo kese madisine likh dete he sir plz tell sir…???? kyuki gav me hr disease ke to Dr available nhi hote he na.. or logo ko kya pta ki ye ek hi bimari ka elaz krte he??

  3. lesson gravitation
    Q1) if the distance between the earth and sun is increased by 2% then find percentage change in gravitation force acting between them
    Ans force will decrease by 4%

    Please provide me the solution

  4. Sir I have the same problem of dust allergy as you mentioned in yesterday's lecture. Everyone I get up from sleep I start sneezing and I am highly allergic to dust particles.. sir I consulted a doctor one and half years ago. He prescribed me a tablet named MONTAIR-FX but I stopped taking it after a year and again since last 7 or 8 months it is continuously disturbing me. Sir can please tell me if I should take same tablet or something else. And what should I do now.

  5. Please answer me if u read it i really wanna know …Sir, u have done MD i guess that means pg n i have heart that pg entrances is 10 times difficult then the neet ug ……….please reply me as it demotivate sometimes….as if i feel like i can't do neet pg …..then it's waste for me to get through neet ug…..waiting for a worthy reply sir…


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