NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Human Physiology: Digestion & Absorption Lecture – 6 - Videos


1. Large intestine
2. Caecum
3. Vermiform appendix
4. Appendicitis & Peritonitis
5. Iliocaecal valve & Iliocaecal orifice
6. Colon
7. Taeniae coli & haustra / Saccules
8. Rectum
9. Anal canal & anal column
10. Anus & Problem of piles
11. Function of large intestine


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  1. sir aap jo bhi extrastroke per ppt bana kar explain kar raha ho . kya vo sub koch aap notes banakar download exclusive per de sakthe ho . because it takes lots of time to write as notes . so sir please.

  2. sir pata nhi ye question topic se related he ya nhi..but me puchna chahti hun..k jab hm pet bhar khana kha lete humein neend q aane lagti he…aisa kya hota h stomach me …jis ki wajah se neend si lagti mera general observation h

  3. Hello sir I want ask you something ,im solving various medical exams previous years questions ( mtg champion ) up to 10 yr ago so it is beneficial or missuse of time ? Please reply me sir .

  4. aur sir ap mehnat to bht kar rahe thorha sa apne cammandoes kelye eak dafa sare chapters ka quick revesion bi bna dean jesa apne ecology aur biomolcules ka playlist bnaya ha plz sir jiii

  5. To Sir,

    mock test 3
    22) The condition under which a microwave oven heats up a food item containing water molecules most efficiently is? ऐसी condition जिसके तहत माइक्रोवेव ओवन सबसे अधिक कुशलता से पानी के अणुओं वाले खाद्य पदार्थ को गर्म करता है?
    a) the frequency of the microwave has no relation with natural frequency of water molecules b) microwave are heat waves, so always produce heating c) infrared waves produce heating in a microwave oven d) Ratio of longest wavelengths corresponding to Lyman and Balmer series in hydrogen spectrum is
    INCORRECT. Correct answer is a . Explanation: its electromagnetive wave – the frequency of the microwave has no relation with natural frequency of water molecules

    But sir accordingly to the previous year question i.e. 2013 paper the answer should be
    Ans.The frequency of the microwaves must match the resonant frequency of the water molecules
    which is not mentioned in any option
    so sir plzz check …..your answer is not correct so please rectify…….thank you sir

    –From Aritra Ghosh(Commando)

  6. Sir aapke lectures she hamere pure concept clear ho jate. Jab aap lectures me dauran aapne college me dino ke experience share karts hai to mujhe aisa lagta hai ki me medical college me hu aur aap mere professor ho .l promised for you l will defiantly cleared aims and neet with good rank.


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