NEET / AIIMS 2018 – Plant Physiology Lecture – 13 (Transpiration – 3) - Videos


1. Scotoactive stomata
2. Opening of stomata at night
3. Factors affecting rate of transpiration
4. Porometer & Potometer
5. Guttation
6. Guttation vs. Transpiration
7. Significance of transpiration
8. Anti transpirants


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  1. question asked in AMU(med.)&AIIMS
    cell me Na+/K+ ka pump hona example hai…….
    (a)osmosis ka (b)diffusion
    (c)active transport (d) passive transport ka sir me confuse ho gya hu ki ans (c) hai lekin book me (d)bta rha hai

  2. Sir in CAM plants, if the stomata is closed during the day then how does photosynthesis take place as in photosynthesis co2 has to be taken from the atmosphere and o2 has to released in the atmosphere? Also how does respiation take place? Can we explain these phenomenon by saying that stomata donot get 100% closed and thus allow gaseous change to take place even in the so called closed condition?


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