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West Bengal medical colleges start on 1 August 2018!

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  1. It is not possible to start class In west bengal because remaining 2 nd or mock not occur yet , no state start class except Wb, I know every private college in west bengal admission through extra capitation this way their college seat is filling; I go to court because how is it possible stay according to Bombay high court but west bengal start their classes with 3 to 4 student 1 st round admitted candidate dental college and medical college 20-34 student except r.g Kar, pg , medical college but other private mbbs and bds college how is it possible to start class with 3-4 student and medical college 20 student? All private colleges nodal officers / broker demand extra money and say admission without councilling process. I go to case about this please reply me if any one join with me. Thank you.


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