New CLAT Interface! A Look at the New Screen - Videos


Do you have to be worried about the “change” in the CLAT interface?



  1. #Vensy_Krishna I share a screenshot on your facebook account please saw that.
    it clearly says that there are sections. Because here is no any option for attachments.

  2. Ma'am should we attempt all the questions or just what we feel confident about? Because obviously there is negative marking but no one wants to attempt so less that even positive marks are not quite enough to crack clat?
    And what's the least scoring marks/questions should be attempted correctly in order to get any NLU (even the lowest)?

  3. good thing is there's no 'save and next' button,i remember giving my first ever mock w/o using that button..
    yep, i was over smart to start my 1st ever mock w/o reading out the instructions..

  4. I know this interface..cusat cat llb of cochin university had used the same interface this april …so there wont be any classification of subjects but questions of same subjects would come in a row…


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