Notice to Subscribers: Is it Time to Abandon Youtube? - Videos


Not quite yet… But we are preparing for this eventual day. Follow the instructions in this PSA video and join us in a less invasive, less scrutinized environment. This is the first step towards our own stand-alone website at some point in the future. Take heed, as there is no guarantee that we will still be on Youtube in the months ahead…

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  1. Hey VP: I have copied some of your content to my hard drive and have posted it on my Minds account, since I think you will be heavily censored in the time to come. If you are not alright with this, I will remove your content. May the day find you well.

  2. I love how you made all these positive assertions about Zyklon B without empirical evidence. Where is your footage of Zylon B victims looking the way you said they would? Your say so is not empirical evidence. Also they did use simple carbon monoxide poisoning at first, against disabled people etc… Zyklon B came in for delousing at first but tests concluded it was good for killing people easy and fast too, no high tech needed, just toss it into a room with blocked air vents. We have endless footage of beatings and executions, Hitler, Goebbels, Gauleiter etc openly talking about wiping out the jewish race, Himmler even trying to justfiy the murder of jewish kids on audio… but gassing is somehow "impossible"? Why would all these german soldiers etc lie about it? I thought they were infallible herrenmenschen who can't hurt anyone? …also check out the comments, that's all you need to know about the delusional, paranoid, sociopathic "alt-reich" movement…

  3. Sure, have a Plan B, but hang around here as long as you can. The best recent analysis on this comes from Caitlin Johnstone. Those who run the Cabal want you to leave and move to a fragmented system where you will have less influence. Don't fall for it. Of course, don't leave all your eggs in one basket but don't leave YT until you absolutely have to:

  4. I fully support your intention of you featuring your content on more independent platforms, but I see no reason why you should move away from YouTube when YouTube still hasn't kicked you out? You shouldn't really care who owns is – you should just use it. Just like the American revolutionaries didn't give a fuck whether their muskets were made and assembled in London or in the American colony – those weapons still did an excellent job when being fired against the British Empire's soldiers. (NO – I am NOT calling for any kind of violence – I am simply making an analogy/comparison).

    Dominate as many platforms as you can and if you get kicked off from here or somewhere else, then you just keep growing on wherever you are still able to share your creations, but use this as much and as long as you can!

  5. I bookmarked your other sites, including Gab and WordPress. YouTube is PURE SHIT now and I could care less if San Mateo gets hit by a 10.0 earthquake and then a huge tsunami.


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