OAT Math Quantitative Reasoning Practice Problems Exam Test Prep – Multiple Choice Questions - Videos


This optometry admission test review video tutorial is for students who need help with the OAT Math / OAT Quantitative Reasoning section of the exam. This test prep video contains plenty of practice problems in the form of multiple choice questions. This video contains many test taking tips and strategies to help you solve some of the math problems presented in this tutorial.

Here is a list of topics:
1. Distance Formula Between Two Points
2. Algebra Review – Foiling Perfect Square Binomials
3. Geometry Review – Circles, Circumference, Area, & Radius
4. Logarithms – Simplifying Logarithmic Expressions
5. Product Rule and Quotient Rule of Logarithms
6. Solving Linear Equations With Variables on Both Sides
7. Trigonometry – Evaluating Trigonometric Expressions
8. Right Triangle Trigonometry
9. Multiplying and Dividing Improper Fractions – Keep Change Flip
10. Squares – Area and Perimeter
11. Sum of Consecutive Even Integers Word Problem
12. Slope of a Line Between Two Points
13. Order of Operations – Evaluating Expressions
14. Absolute Value, Square Roots, and Radicals
15. Averages and Test / Exam Scores Word Problem
16. Percentages Word Problem, Sales Tax and Final Price
17. Percent Change and Stocks
18. Diagonal Length and Rectangular Prisms
19. Systems of Equations With 2 Variables
20. Apples and Bananas System of Equations Word Problem
21. Distance Rate Time Word Problem
22. Scientific Notation – Multiplying and Dividing
23. Ratios and Proportions – Boys and Girls Word Problem
24. Average Cost of Books



  1. can you please update your general chemistry playlist? you have made more new general chemistry videos than there are in the playlist. you're the GOAT btw I've learned so much from you thank you for everything you're doing


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