Open Letter To Legal Fraternity From An Aggrieved Parent Seeking CLAT 2017 Re-Exam - News


I have a few questions to ask. Are you proud of your LLB qualification? Do you recommend students to choose law as a career? Do you feel top NLUs in India are the places to go when it comes to legal education?

I asked you this question; but I know the answer is “YES”. One answer I want to give before I go ahead. Who am I? I am the parent of a student who appeared for CLAT 2017. There is no lawyer in our family. When my son was deciding his career, we talked to people of various professions. He was fascinated by Law. The lawyers we met were passionate about their career. They said: “if you want to do law, target CLAT. Go to a good NLU.”

There started yet another CLAT DREAM.

I am sure you all would agree that it is no less than an IIT dream. It…

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