Open Session | GS Prelims : 10 Years’ Papers’ Insights & Strategy | Part 01 – Economics - Videos


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We hope your preparation for Prelims exam is on right track!!

We are pleased to inform you that we are conducting an Open Discussion on Previous 10 Years’ GS Prelims Papers to help you get a better understanding of the nature of questions that have been asked and may be asked.

The underlying motivation behind conducting this open session is that UPSC previous years’ papers are always on the checklist of aspirants, but get pushed down the priority line as the exam approaches.

Following are the highlights of the session:

– Trend and pattern of the nature of questions asked in the static portion of the GS syllabus in Economics, Polity, History, Culture, Environment, and Geography.

– Identification of broad themes/topics from which UPSC is asking most of the questions.

– Insights and coverage of the most important and oft-repeated themes in the last 10 years of UPSC papers.

– Types of distractors used by UPSC; tricks and tips to solve MCQs

– Strategy to cover and revise the syllabus in the remaining days for Prelims 2018.

The tentative schedule for the session is:

30th Apr & 1st May – Economics
2nd & 3rd May- Indian Polity
4th & 5th May – Geography
6th May – Indian History
7th & 8th May – Environment
9th May – Art and Culture



  1. Amazing,thanks a lot.
    At first, looking at the length of the video i thought i will do the papers on my own bu after watching the video now m a huge fan of sir & visionias.
    Thank u soo much for providing such high quality videos free of cost.


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