Open Session on How to Prepare GS for UPSC Civil Services 2019 - Videos


One of the foremost things that you should do while preparing for the UPSC Civil Services exam is to leave no doubt on what to read, how much to read, from where to practice, etc. We understand that its natural for any aspirant to feel lost amidst all the information that is available out there. But this leads to confusion and consequently, ineffective preparation.

How to develop an integrated approach for Prelims and Mains exam? When to start writing practice for the Mains exam? How to approach various subjects and what sources to follow for Prelims and Mains exam? These are among some of the basic questions which bother every aspirant.

Before you gear up your preparation for the UPSC Civil Services 2019 exam, you should know about some of the most important dos and don’ts, in addition to, knowing answers to some of the most crucial questions, like those mentioned above.




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