Phrasal verbs : Pick - Videos


A discussion aroiund the phrasal verbs related to the verb “Pick” and new experiments



  1. Sir Your videos are of tremendous help. Thanks a ton! its whole bunch of knowledge.
    While going through all the videos on grammar , there was some missing videos (like video on indefinite pronoun or many more) , although you had mentioned at the last but i didn't find it here. Please sir let me know where can i find these videos.

    Eagerly waiting for your response!

  2. Woooow!!! This is so simple and well explained that i would'nt go check any thesaurus or dictionary to further understand. Though i am aware of the concepts, i feel as a new learner the explanation given is so spot on! Also include examples more common with aam aadmi, keep going strong!

  3. Sir really great …Thanks a lot from the core of my heart ….sir average me kuch type k questions aur bhi bta dijiye….
    Like — two years ago the average age of a family of 8 members was 18 years . After the addition of a baby , the average age of the family is same today . What is the age of the baby..
    — kbhi kbhi 2 baby ,3 baby addition ho jate hai..
    Another questions —
    Average age of husband and wife was 23 years at the time of marriage. After 5 years they have a one -year child . The average age of the family of three. When child was born was??


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