PTE Listening Practice series 2 test 9| Full Section Mock test | with answers - Videos


Multiple choice questions
Question 1: B, D
Question 2: C, E

Highlight correct summary:
Question 1: C
Question 2: B

Multiple choice single answers
Question1: B
Question 2: D

Select missing words:
Question 1: B
Question 2: D

Fill in blanks
Q1: portions, consumption, determined, analysis, control, recommendations, campaign
Q2: changing, atmosphere, contributing, appears, expected, experience.
Q3: broadcasting, beliefs, stimulated, participants, false, prefered, potential
highlight incorrect words:
Q1: bit, economics, main, feeling, wonderful, wonderful.
Q2: Smartcards, Near, verify, length, thief’s, Germany

WFD: please find the full text of the wfD in the following link



  1. The speaker was describing psychological illness. He firstly, shows the relation ship between brain and physical body. More over, he said that sugar pills are harmful to our body.Then, he talked that, aspirin does not work properly. Additionally, he illustrated that, they have gained experienced by giving new drugs for one group and placebo to another group, however, both group are getting better.

  2. This lecture was about how can women be participate in war. She said that women can actively participate in war. More over, she highlighted about why women cannot be a doctor. Then, she talked that women has been awarded as a bravery because she has won the war. Finally, she said that, women refuse to give pack.

  3. This speaker was describing demographic. Firstly, he talked that, all adults have to be CEO and sat at the door of bar. He mentioned that, urbanization has changed in pace. He highlighted that, three millions of people has shifted from rural to urban area but, in cities there is the facilities of water, excess of electricity and their demand has increase significantly. He illustrated about the problems earth is being dry and there is the leakage of taps and problem in switch and holes in infrastructure.


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