Quantum Cat by Sarvesh Kumar Verma Geometry Solution Level 2 (Part-3) - Videos


SSC CGL 2018 exam I will advise students to study from the book quantum cat.
We are providing Quantum Cat by Sarvesh Kumar Verma fully explained solution on our youtube channel,who are preparing for SSC CGL/SSC CHSL/CPO /CAT/MAT important boook to cove.

SSC CGL 2017 we all have noticed that ssc can be unpredictable and can ask some tricky question directly from Quantum Cat by Sarvesh Kumar Verma.

After considering 2017 tier 2 paper still i don not say that doing quantum cat is mandatory but yes it is recommendatory.

If you are planning to cover quantum cat then in my opinion you should cover level 1 for tier 1 exam and upto level 2 for tier 1 & 2 exam. It will help you a lot to score better.

Even if you do not want to go with quamtum cat it is fine but please make sure that your basics are very sound. Try to solve each and every question using basic because I have many friends who had never ever done quantum cat but yet attempted a fair number of questions.
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