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Onlinexams is a web based interactive, independent and intelligent examination platform for students. This innovative platform extend the e-learning capabilities of any educational institution by providing them a real time analysis on their institution health. This platform covers wide range of institutions and boards like, CBSE, IIT, IBPS, GMAT, etc.

Onlinexams not only provide hassle free implementation of cutting edge technology into your institution but also backs up with the real and updated question bank customized as per your needs. This platform works perfectly on any device like mobile, tab, laptop, desktop, and on any platform like i.e Windows, Mac or Linux. This revolutionary product is a must for every institution who wants to make their pupil high achievers.

Onlinexams is not a substitute of your current e-learning solution but a analyzer which closely monitar the performance of not only of your pupils but also of your faculty and institution.



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