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In this we will explain how do determine rank of a words when digits are Non-repeating with the help of exaample Paris.

To understand rank of a word with Repeating letters you can watch – https://youtu.be/XdMsneuZmAA

Examples of Rank –

1. Find the 59th word of BRING – https://youtu.be/3ut9DaTpwtM

2. The letters of word ZENITH are written in all possible ways, then Rank of word ZENITH – https://youtu.be/F19HMQdc6RQ

3. Letters of the word LATE be permuted and words arranged as in a dictionary, Rank of the word LATE – https://youtu.be/lLk_mnnaHVQ

4. If the letters of the word “VARUN” are written in all possible ways and then are arranged as ina dictionary, then the rank of the word VARUN is – https://youtu.be/BwMY8Fo2onQ

5. If all the permutations of the letters in the word OBJECT are arranged (and numbered serially) in alphabetical order as in a dictionary, then the 717th word is – https://youtu.be/VJcBT8B827I

5. The letters of the word RANDOM are written in all alphabet order. In the written out as in a dictionary. Find the rank of the word RANDOM – https://youtu.be/N6b6dLq6x6A

6. If letters of the word PATANA are arranged in all possible ways as in the dictionary, then the word PATANA from the last is – https://youtu.be/KG-POZX7IOg

For More concepts video like this –

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Rank of a word with repeating letters – https://youtu.be/XdMsneuZmAA

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