[Secret TALE Method Explained] GMAT Integrated Learning Tutorial: Graphics Interpretation - Videos


IR is unique in that it combines both mathematical skills and verbal skills. In the Integrated Reasoning section, we will face 12 questions in 30 minutes – which means we have an average of 2.5 minutes per question. This may sound like a lot, but the truth is IR questions are a lot of work, and thus this is the GMAT section in which we are most stressed for time. The integrated reasoning section gets its own score – between 1 and 8, in single digit increments.

There are two other things that are special about this section: one is that we get to use a Calculator – and we will need it! The other is that this is the only section on the test which is not computer-adaptive: the questions do not change based on how well or poorly we are doing.

Questions on the Integrated Reasoning section fall into four separate categories: Graphics Interpretation, Two-Part Analysis, Table Analysis and Multi-Source Reasoning. This video is on Graphics Interpretation

When first approaching these questions, we need to study the graph and try and see what TALE it tells us. This means we’ll look at the following aspects:
● Text – We’ll read it, including the title – if there is one – and take notes.
● Axes – What does each axis represent? In which units?
● Legend – What does each symbol, color or texture represent in the graph?
● Example – We’ll pick a random point and ask ourselves: what does it represent?



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