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Facts Know 4 Life Presents English Grammar Test
English Grammar Quiz Season 1 Episode 5 (Sentence Correction)
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Will you pass this grammar test
will you pass this grammar quiz

Grammar rules help us to think logically and clearly and to express our thoughts and ideas accurately while no misunderstanding
comes in communication. We must learn grammar rules for Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking Skills also in Examinations like GRE, IELTS, SAT, GMAT, TOEFL etc…. / IELTS grammar test, GRE grammar test, TOEFL grammar test.
So, In this Season and Episode I am Trying to do Something Special for You Guys… and Special Thanks to BuzzMoy ..
Each Episode has 10 Questions to Answer &10 Seconds/Question.
Each Question having 10 points must be Counted on by You.
Finally, You will get your result via Total Marks.
You will also be able to know 10 General Knowledge per video.
Explanation of each question will be given in comment box and also in Facebook page.
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Information & Questions:: Done By Myself
General Knowledge:: Google & Wiki

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