Should I Drop ? After NEET Result I 2018 - Videos


“Should I drop?” this is the most common question that comes into the mind of the students when they did not perform well in their NEET examination. Before making your decision you need to consider some of the necessary points which are very important and will help you to arrive at the right conclusion.
No matter what your marks are it may be below 300 or below 400 or less than 500.The first thing is you need to be very clear about the reason because of which you did not perform well in your entrance examination. There can be two types of reasons possible. The first kind of reasons are like you did not prepare well in any of the subject, the time was not sufficient for your preparation; you missed by a little because you concentrated on your 12th and therefore missed a rank because of this. These were some of the first kind of reasons which may be one of the causes for not scoring well.
The second kind of reasons are like you had exam fear, you got some negative thoughts before the exam, you lost confidence on yourself that you will not be able to clear your examination, you were a little depressed before the exams. These kinds of reasons are called psychological reasons.
If your reasons are of the first type then you should give yourself another chance. Be sincere to accept the mistakes which you have committed previously and try to learn whatever you had left previously. While learning new topics don’t forget to revise the topics in which you are good. So, you need to prepare your schedule in such a manner that you can learn new topics as well as get some time to revise the topics which you have already learnt. Keep on practising the questions which make you more confident to get the rank. By this way you will be in a position to get a rank in NEET exam.
If your reason is of second type then you should first overcome your psychological fear about the exams. Try to motivate yourself or else get some counselling from the people who are senior to you. If the problem is still not solved then try doing some exercise or meditation or in the worst case consult a psychologist. The elimination of your psychological fear is very important once you overcome this fear then you can give yourself a chance.
The people who think they are not interested and have lost their chances can think of joining another stream. But if you have a chance remaining with you then you should give yourself a chance to prove yourself.

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  1. Bought tears in my eyes. This was my third attempt but I was not dedicated fully-I swear sir I just studied physical chemistry, 11th physics, full bio and got 413 points. I have potential but I have friends who have no aim in their lives. But now I will leave my friends forever and will work for myself and my parents.

  2. Only 382 in neet in uttarakhand for general category should i drop got only 234 in bio dont know y my bio is not this much poor what happend i am not getting i m very much depressed now …shpuld i join bsc ag in pantnagar from there can i prepare for neet i m confused…..

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